Quick Tips to Improving the Interior of Old and Run Down Homes

Improving the Interior of Old Homes

Quick Tips to Improving the Interior of Old and Run Down Homes

Awhile back, we published an article with tips to selling your run down home. We followed that up last month with a more in-depth look at how to improve the curb appeal of your home to help attract the attention of interested parties. Today, we’re switching focus to the interior. While it’s true that a service such as ours will pay cash and relieve your burden no matter the condition of your property, we have a little secret – you might be able to take us for even more.

When we assess the true market value of your house, it can certainly help if you’ve addressed some of the “surface” stuff. Perception is indeed reality and a home that appears to have received come recent TLC can equate a few extra bucks in your pocket.

In our never ending mission to serve Winnipeg residents, we’re here with some advice on how to enhance the interior design and decor of your otherwise run down home, without taking on significant effort or expense.


1. Clean Up the Mess (and Maintain)

We start with the most obvious. Even a luxury home loses a few points when there are boxes, clothes, dishes, glasses, litter boxes, sports equipment, toys, piles of paperwork, and assorted things strewn about. Pick one day and dedicate a few hours to cleaning up and putting it all in its proper place, and spend just 30 minutes a day to maintain and keep it that way as you await the sale of your home.

2. Scrub it Down

With all the “stuff” out of the way, your rooms will be much more opened up. And while this will increase the perception of space (also a good thing when trying to sell a home fast) it will make evident dirt and stains from floor to ceiling.

Gather together a bucket filled with some mild soap, a sponge, rag, and a wall scrubber (Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, etc.) and tackle the stains and streaks on the walls, window trim, baseboards, doors, appliances, and countertops. Once done, vacuum the carpet (or mop the hardwood) and attend to stains using an on-spot carpet cleaner, which is cheaper than renting a carpet cleaning machine. If you’re OK with making a small investment, then professional carpet cleaning will certainly help improve the look of your old home and can certainly create the perception that the house is newer that it is.

3. A Fresh Coat of Paint

While this is the most intensive of today’s DIY interior design tips, a freshly painted interior can make a world of difference for interested parties. A few well-placed brush strokes can transform a space and not just make it look better, it actually increase the value of your house.

If you don’t have enough in your budget, nor the time and/or human resources to paint your entire home interior, you can still deliver a positive impact by painting other important areas. For example, If your kitchen cupboards are outdated (and you don’t have the budget to replace them) a fresh coat of paint can bring them back to life and make your kitchen look exponentially better. Another tactic for those without the budget, time, or energy to paint all the walls is to paint the trim in a fresh, glossy white. This will give the whole space an instant pick me up, and can be done in one easy breezy day.

If you do have a knack for painting and a few bucks to throw behind a some cans, choose neutral colors. While it may be tempting to paint in bright, strong, and vibrant colors (especially in the spring/summer) you narrow interest in doing so. Neutral colors will appeal to more people, and it will make an old room look clean and fresh.

4. What to Hang on the Walls for Effect

With your old rooms clutter-free, clean, and freshly painted (even if just trim), you are now left with a canvas where which you can work some magic. Create the perception of greater square footage by opening up the windows to allow in natural light, and repositioning mirrors on the walls to face them. The combined affect will make your old house look like it has way more space than the physical specs dictate. If you don’t have any old mirrors, you can probably find some for cheap at a local yard sale.

Also, remove old portraits, paintings, and art that may be too niche (and kitsch) to appeal to others. If its got dogs playing poker, or you won it at the local carnival, chances are it will look better in the recycle bin.

5. Add Plants

One cheap yet tasteful way to add color and complement the neutral tones of the walls is to add natural plants to your rooms. In addition to the immediate improvement to the aesthetics, they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. In doing so, they purify the air in your old home (which may have preexisting mold and mildew issues). They purify the air by removing volatile organic compounds that may have come from cigarette/cigar smoke, vinyl, plastic bags, and other common household items. Studies also show that plants can sharpen focus, reduce stress, and create feelings of positivity – all of which may serve you well when an interested party is assessing and appraising your property.

All of the above will absolutely improve the interior appeal of (and interest in) your otherwise old and run down house. However, we know that there are some of you who may not be in any condition to take on the necessary labour, or may simply not have the time to do so. Don’t worry about it. 5 Day Cash Offer can see the true potential of your home, perform an honest market value assessment, and will be more than happy to make a real offer on your home no matter the condition. Contact us today to learn more.