How to Sell Your House in a Bad Location

How to Sell a House in a Bad Location Winnipeg

How to Sell Your House in a Bad Location

Do you own a home in a community that is no longer in it’s prime? Did you inherit a house in a currently undesirable area? Whether your property is found in a region that the city has neglected or within steps of a noisy airstrip, cemetery, or other uncouth “neighbor” you want to sell your home fast, yet are concerned about how you can accomplish the task given the reputation of the location. Today, 5 Day Cash Offer is here with some advice to help you move the property.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your House More Desirable to Buyers Despite the Location

1. Stand Out (on the Curb) from the Rest

Just because the home is located in an undesirable location doesn’t mean it needs to follow suit when it comes to the exterior appearance. By ramping up the curb appeal of your public facing property, you can improve buyer perception and have a better shot at getting true market value. This can be accomplished with a small budget with smart landscaping, cleaning up the concrete and asphalt surround the space, adding a fresh coat of paint to the trim, cleaning the gutters and roofing materials, mending fences (as applicable), and paying attention to the symmetry of the front of your house.. View our complete 6-step guide to improving the curb appeal of a run down home.

2. Clean Up the Interior Too

Potential buyers may form a negative impression about the interior of the space based on the surrounding location, so be sure to throw them for a loop and pleasantly surprise them from the moment they step in. This can be easily accomplished by cleaning up the clutter, scrubbing the walls and floors, applying a fresh coat of paint where needed most, using attractive wall hangers to improve the look and create the perception of space (via mirrors), and bringing in plants to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide while creating a more positive scene. View our complete 5-step guide to improving the interior of an older home.

3. Market for Potential

Do some homework about Winnipeg, taking note of what city planners have in mind for future residential and commercial development. Gentrification may be a dirty word in some circles but when your house if found in a currently bad location, future development that conforms the area to “middle-class” or “live work play community” standards can be a lifesaver. If you find that there is indeed residential and commercial development planned for your direct area, you can market the home as one with a bright future, once again tipping your potential sale closer towards the higher end of the market value scale.


This may seem a little cheeky, but there’s nothing wrong with putting the best possible foot forward when guiding prospective buyers to your property. That means setting them on a path via directions that avoid some of the more negative aspects of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Give them a route that is more scenic, one that showcases the best parts of the area, even if that just includes well manicured lawns, local parks or walking trails. While you cannot hide undesirable features of a neighborhood for long, you will at least help create a better first impression, which can go a long way towards reaching the goal of selling the house as fast as possible.

5. Sell it to Us

Here’s the easiest solution. Sell your Winnipeg house to us. We can see the forest for the trees, and understand the potential of a home no matter the community it currently finds itself in. Because of this, we are able to offer you market value for your space and can hand you cash for your house before conditions potentially get worse. Find out how the system works, or simply call us at 204.222.0022 for a noncommittal call, or complete the form here and we’ll be in touch within the business day.