Why Moving from Your House and Into a Condo May Be a Good Idea

Moving from House to Condo

Why Moving from Your House and Into a Condo May Be a Good Idea

One of the reasons our service has become so necessary in today’s residential landscape is the fact that owning and living in an old house can become a huge burden. Of course, you still need a place to live, but you want to make sure you’re making the right decision, one that will improve your quality of life while being kind on your limited budget. That transition, often involves moving from a house and into a multi residential complex with a very reasonable strata. Today, we’re here to provide some advice on why this may be a good idea, for you.

5 Benefits of Selling Your House to Move Into a Condominium

1. You’ll Save Money on Utilities

While you may own your home outright and enjoy the benefits of not having to pay a mortgage, you must still deal with energy expenditure, something which can cost an arm and a leg given Winnipeg’s freezing winters and blazing summers. This monthly cost places a huge burden on your budget. By moving into a condo, you can cut these costs in half, or better. It just makes sense. Moving forward, you wont have to sacrifice comfort (heating and cooling, as applicable) to keep your monthly bills in check. That equates a better quality of life all around.

2. You’ll Save Money on Property Tax and Insurance

As with utilities, you’re also faced with a pain-in-the-rear expense of property tax and homeowner’s insurance. These can add up, especially as rates rise through the years. While if you take the money from the sale of your house and buy a condo you’ll still have to pay property tax, the amount will be significantly less than that on the home. The same goes for condo insurance combined with the insurance included on strata – further compounding the savings found by switching to a condo.

3. You’ll Save Money on Upkeep

Even if you have to pay monthly strata fees, these can pale in comparison to the cost of maintenance and repair on a home and surrounding property. The older the house, the more those costs will pile up, leaving your bank account in ruin along with the basement foundation, window trim, and fascia board (etc.) alike. When you move into a condo, the need for (and cost of) maintenance is exponentially reduced. The only issue? What are you going to do with all of this extra money?

4. You’ll Be Safer

If you own an older, rundown home, there’s a good chance that you’re living in a community that has taken a turn for the worse over the recent decade. This unfortunate circumstance puts your home and possessions at risk, as the ill-intentioned see your older house as a target, certain that it is without an adequate security system to keep them at bay.

When you move into a condo, you instantly gain security. The complex itself is a self-sustaining neighborhood watch, while ne’er-do-wells and vagabonds have little to no access to your property (parking garage included), especially if the complex has an onsite concierge and/or security personal. A condo offers much greater security for occupants and possessions.

5. Access to Amenities

Most condominium developments have some sort of onsite amenities. These can range anywhere from swimming pools and fitness facilities to 20-seat+ movie theaters and party rooms. With these amenities, you reduce the monthly cost of recreation and leisure, or simply gain access to them for the very first time – either of which will further improve your quality of life.

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