Moving from a House to a Travel Trailer

Moving from a House to a Travel Trailer

Moving from a House to a Travel Trailer

Trailer, we say? Before you conjure up the image of “trailer park” in your head, allow us to explain where we’re going with this.

Travel trailer living is not what it used to be. In fact, downsizing from single detached homes into trailer “communities” has become quite the trend, and it’s not just out of necessity. While Manitoba is not as distressed by the affordability housing gap as our neighbors across the border, many people are opting to simplify life and pocket money they’d typically be throwing away on exaggerated mortgage rates, property taxes, or out of control rent. While mini-homes and mobile homes alike are an alternative, some prefer the travel trailer concept. If you count yourself among them, keep reading.

5 Reasons Why Selling Your House and Moving Into a Travel Trailer May Be Right for You

1. You Don’t Need Lots of Stuff

You’re no hoarder and you don’t intend on becoming one. In fact, you find clutter so off putting that you’ve chosen to live as a minimalist before it become millennial trendy. If you think about it, all that a house does outside of providing literal shelter, is give you a place to keep stuff. Walk around and take stock of what you have. If it can fit it into a trailer (with some tucked away in storage) you’re one step closer to making your decision to the affirmative.

2. You Can’t Keep Up With Property Taxes, Utilities, and Maintenance, Etc.

Even if you outright own your older home, with pesky mortgage payments left behind in the dust, you still have to deal with property taxes, utilities, and the costs of maintaining the property and surrounding landscape. This all adds up, making it impossible for many to maintain disposable income much less bank savings for the future. If you feel you’ve paid your dues and you’re “over it” when it comes to these monthly and annual expenditures, trailer living will provide you with the opportunity to put your money towards better causes.

3. You’re Looking for a New Sense of Community

The thing about living in a house, if that you’re pretty much stuck with with lose living adjacent to you. Now sometimes neighbors can be awesome. But more often, you can live without them. Plus, the sense of “cul de sac” community is becoming more rare as plots once lined with single family homes are being torn down to make room for condominium developments. And while condo living may indeed be preferable for some of you, being jammed into sardine blocks where the only neighborly interactions are found in awkward elevator rides isn’t what you were looking for.

Trailer communities however, are becoming gathering places of the like-minded, even if the respective groups are often eclectic ones. The sense of community is stronger, and the tailgating parties during CFL/NFL and NHL season are downright epic!

Even better, should these mobile neighbors eventually wear out their welcome, you can always pick up and roll on to greener pastures.

4. You’re an Empty Nester

Another reason to ditch the traditional digs and switch to a four-wheeled abode is when you’re an empty nester. There’s no point in saving those spare rooms with your kids moved on to their new lives. Instead, spend the back half of your years living life without the stress of dependents holding you back, driving your new found freedom to warmer climates to escape the Winnipeg winters and returning in the spring. If there’s no room for your trailer in one of Winnipeg’s local RV parks when you return, you can always pull into the driveway/carport of your kids (now fully grown) home and raid their refrigerator, for once.

5. You Want to See North America, Like…Really See It

This is where things get exciting. Have you always dreamed about picking up and exploring a significant portion of the 24.71 million km that make up North America? Whether you’re retired or have the opportunity to work remotely with a WiFi connection, selling your home, some unnecessary possessions, and picking up a road-worthy travel trailer can set you off on the ultimate adventure. From Trans Canada Highway to iconic Route 66, the continent is your oyster.

After considering all of the above, we may have just talked ourselves into doing the same, so don’t waste enough minute before we do. Sell your Winnipeg home (at market value) and get cash in hand within the week to begin your new journey! Contact 5 Day Cash Offer at 204.222.0022 today.