Pest Problems in Your Old House – What You Need to Know

Pest Problems in House Winnipeg

Pest Problems in Your Old House – What You Need to Know

Last month in our article titled 6 Bad Things That Can Happen to Your Old House in the Winter we concluded with pest infestation. Without a doubt this is one of the most concerning items for owners of old homes to contend with no matter the time of the year. Today, we’re going to look beyond the obvious in regards to the implications of holding on to your property when it has already been overrun by insects, vermin, and/or rodents common to Manitoba.

Top 3 Concerns of Maintaining a Home That Has a Major Pest Problem

1. Impact on Physical Health and Wellness

Pests in all shapes and forms can have a direct impact on the health of occupants.  Not only can they introduce bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and contagions into the home, their mere existence is directly linked to a wide number of allergic and asthmatic reactions and even respiratory disease. All of this can impact the wellness of your average healthy person, but if you have any preexisting medical conditions, the concerns are compounded greatly.

What’s even more concerning, is that typical (read: commonly affordable) pest control services are often not able to completely eradicate certain insects such as the German cockroach (a major problem in Winnipeg) among others. Unless you can afford an “industrial level” solution, your only recourse may be to sell your old home.

2. Impact on Emotional and Mental Health

More than physical health is impacted when living amongst pests. Emotional and mental anguish is also of grave concern and is a condition not to be taken lightly.

For one, living with them will disrupt your sleep pattern (also linked to the item above) which is something that certainly takes its toll on your state of mind. Overtime, symptoms ranging from insomnia to anxiety to depression can begin to rear their head. Of course, there is a social impact too, as occupants are afraid to have visitors over to the home, and they (insects) can also accompany your person into public places which can result in embarrassing situations.

In the end, a place that is supposed to provide comfort and solace instead becomes one of fear and discomfort. Again, unless there is an affordable means to permanently evict the concern from your run down house, your only recourse may be to sell as soon as possible.

3. Impact on Property Value

Pest infestation is often linked to economic disparity. It also creates a viscous cycle as homeowners are essentially “punished” economically further as a home that is overrun by creatures and critters loses property value on a large scale. With full disclosure being the only option you are simply not going to attract interested buyers when the home comes with unwanted guests. In addition, you won’t find many agents or REALTORS willing to add your home to their listings as it won’t shine too brightly on their portfolios.

So here we are, telling you that your only option to avoid everything addressed above is to sell your home, yet your hands are tied thanks to what lives within in your basement, walls, and floorboards. Given that you don’t quite have the capital to put into professional treatment that comes with a guarantee, what are you to do? This is where we come in. No, 5 Day Cash Offer does not have a miracle pest control solution. Instead, we are able to offer you cash for your old home at fair market value, no matter the condition or existence of the aforementioned unwanted guests. 

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