Selling Your Old Home in the New Year

Selling Your Home in the New Year - Resolution

Selling Your Old Home in the New Year

Time to let go?

2019 is here and like most of the population you’re setting new year resolutions to improve your quality of life in some shape or form. Unfortunately, studies show that 80% of these resolutions are abandoned by mid-February as…well…life gets in the way. For many, the handcuffs of responsibility are to blame and for a number of you finding this article, that constraint takes the form of a run down home. Whether longstanding or recently inherited the old house has become a burden and in many ways prevents you from moving forward in life. Thankfully, we can help you alleviate this burden at the onset of the new annum and allow you to keep your pledge to fulfill those goals. Today, we’re going to look at the most common new year resolutions and how 5 Day Cash Offer can help you achieve them.

4 Ways Selling Your Run Down Home Can Help You Reach Your New Year Resolutions

1. Get Your Finances in Order

This goal tops the list for most, yet when you’re putting money back into maintaining an old property you simply tread water and nothing more. The income expenditures on maintenance, repair, and inflated utility expenditure that often comes with a rundown property (due to antiquated HVAC systems, etc.) could be better spent elsewhere. Some of you have attempted to list the property in the past to no avail, and with each passing month the opportunity cost escapes you. Forget the traditional Winnipeg real estate marketing channels which have only served to work against you, and instead sell your run down home today to 5 Day Cash Offer. Within about a week you’ll have cash-in-hand sans the burden and you’ll be on your way to financial freedom. 

2. Travel More

This is another popular one that is prevented when encumbered by ownership of a house in disrepair. By selling the place, you create the space to move about the planet as you wish. Of course, globetrotting may not be in your budget, but you can fulfill the worthy destiny to “travel more” by joining the new hoards of inspired individuals, couples, and even households who have thrown caution to the wind to move into a travel trailer to hit and Iive upon the open roads of North America, starting with the Trans-Canada Highway or I-75 S (etc.) leaving Winnipeg. 

3. Downsize

The goal to declutter and downsize is another big one that directly relates to breaking the shackles of living in a house you no longer love. And again, letting the home sit on the over-supplied Winnipeg real estate market for any longer takes you further away from reaching this pledge. Well, you can start removing that hoarded clutter with a yard sale today and start looking at downsizing into a condo because you can sell your property at the drop of a hat when using our cash for houses service. It’s that simple.

4. Start a Whole New Life, Elsewhere

A lot of the time, a person is stuck in a rut not just because of square footage, but area code. If a change of career, scenery, and lifestyle is in order then a relocation to a new city can be the good medicine you need to start a whole new and more fruitful life. Heck, we love Winnipeg but we get it, sometimes the greener pastures are found far away from home. Don’t let your old home tie you down to a city that doesn’t work for you anymore. Sell today and get ready to be on your way to bigger and better things.

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