Why Sell Your House Fast, As Is


Why Sell Your House Fast, As Is

Today’s topic is essentially the theme of our service, but without a doubt many of you remain on the fence about whether or not you should sell. Or more importantly, sell fast, and without taking on the expense of fixing up your fixer-upper. Below we take a succinct look at why you should unload your property…now.

5 Things That Can Call for the Immediate Sale of Your House (without repair)

1. A Problematic Inheritance

On the surface, inheriting a house may sound like a windfall. But when it’s Uncle Larry’s old dilapidated single detached shack that looks like it’s detaching from the surrounding landscape it’s a different story. 

Flare for the dramatic aside, inheriting a house can indeed be a headache, and is thus a precursor to many people seeking our services. Having insight into all that can befall Winnipeg residents who have recently been bequeathed with a property, we have provided a guide to all of the problems that can arise when inheriting a home. If you identify with any of these five issues, it’s time to sell, and fast, before the problems get worse. 

2. Unwelcome Guests

Some of you may own an old home and have been renting it, or a suite (basement, etc.), to tenants that have become a real problem. The issue, is that if they are on a lease you may be stuck in this relationship. However, if you’ve been thinking about selling in the near future and the headache of having bad tenants has you wishing you could end the union now, you have recourse. 

According to Manitoba law, when a landlord (you) sells a rental unit or house, you can give the tenant notice to move under the following guidelines:

  • If the purchaser asks you, in writing, to give the tenant notice because the purchaser plans to occupy the rental unit; or plans to have one of the following family members move in: spouse, adult children or stepchildren, parents, mother-in-law, father-in-law.
  • Once all the conditions for sale are finalized. For example: the purchaser can prove and has finalized financing.

Of course, there are many variables at play when it comes to ending a lease upon sale of a home in Manitoba, so please reference this provincial guide on the matter.

Lastly, “unwelcome guests” may come in the form of pest infestation. Read more about this concern (and big reason to sell fast, as is) here

3. Winter is Coming (again)

Older rundown homes can be a disaster in bad weather. While you may be able to weather the proverbial storm through the spring and summer, winters in Winnipeg can be damaging to run down houses and occupants. View more on why maintaining and old home through a Winnipeg winter isn’t worth it, and prepare to sell and vacate ASAP before the next harsh weather season arrives.

4. The Real Estate Market Calls for It

We addressed this in our recent Winnipeg real estate trends article, but it bears repeating. With new residential developments from 2017-18 increasing 2019 supply the price of older homes will drop sharply in the near future. This is not a trend you want to wait out, especially if you’re looking to get our of your investment or inheritance right away. By waiting a few more months you could be looking at a loss of thousands in market value.

5. New Life, New City

If you’ve recently made a big life change one of your new year goals or you’ve been thinking about a relocation for quite some time, allowing further delay can leave you stuck in a rut. Far too many homeowners with ambitions of moving to a new city (and new life) remain handcuffed to their current area code because they have not been able to sell their house. Selling fast can be a challenge when the property needs attention or outright renovation, but when you find a resource that will take the place off of your hands, as is, and for cash, you can move on to greener pastures. 

If you identify with one or more of the above you have the answer you need. Thankfully, you have a solution right here. Sell your house fast, as is, with 5 Day Cash Offer. Call us today at 204.222.0022 for a friendly conversation about how we can help you.