Options for Selling a House Quickly

Options for Selling a House Quickly

Options for Selling a House Quickly

We’ve covered numerous reasons that call for a quick home sale in Winnipeg here on our blog. But whether it’s the impact on the buyers market due to mortgage rates or a busted front gate is beside the point. All you want, is to know your options for selling a home (that you outright own) fast. Here they are.

4 Possible Alternatives for a Quick Home Sale and Which Ones Really Work

Realtor’s Who Promise Quick Sales

There are many used car salesmen…oops….sorry…we mean Realtors, who promise to sell your house faster than all the rest. It’s their pitch, tagline, and is found on whatever bus stop ad that caught your eye on the way back from the grocery store. The thing is, these quick sales are based on highly attractive inventory. If you are looking to unload a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in South Tuxedo then sure, they can be a great option. But chances are that you’re not sitting on a hot commodity. If your home is older and in a less attractive community they may bury your listing at the bottom of the MLS mess on their website. And if by some miracle they meet your desired deadline, you could lose thousands in commissions and hidden fees. View more on why many Winnipeg sellers are done with Realtors and agents.


Auctioning a home, by owner, is not as common in Canada as it is across the border. Still, when thinking outside of the box it may be an option for getting rid of your burden. But if watching hours of Pawn Stars has taught us all anything, you take a big risk by putting your valuables out there to auction, because on any given day you will only get whatever the crowd is willing to pay. It’s one thing to take a bath on a car sale, but can you afford to do so on your biggest source of equity? 

Yes, can may be allowed to set a reserve bid, but that will limit the number of auctions (and attendees) willing to consider your house. Plus, auctioning a house isn’t a simple as it is selling anything else. The process may not end after the gavel hits the table and closes the final bid. For instance, the buyer will likely have an opportunity to place conditions (such as financing or an inspection) on a bid. In addition, there is a lot of paperwork and red tape involved in the transfer. The longer the red tape the more likely the deal can turn sour for you, or get cut altogether.


While there’s no arguing the benefits of cutting out Realtors/agents from the equation, filling in for them on your own is not as easy as it sounds. For sale by owner (FSBO) is an option if you’ve got some sales and negotiation skills, savvy with online marketing, a deep network of contacts that can connect you to buyers, and in-depth knowledge of real estate contracts and documentation. But without that perfect storm, the prospect of selling your house fast is a very unlikely one. 

Quick Sale Service

There is a service that exists solely to solve your problem. It is one that accounts for the issues and obstacles of the other three options addressed above. It removes the middle-person and costs and demands (to renovate/repair, etc.) that come along with them. It removes the workload required of you. It removes the risk and pays fair market value for your property. That service is 5 Day Cash Offer. Learn more about the simple 3-step process, or just call 204.222.0022 and we will buy your house for cash, quite possibly before the end of this week.