More Winnipeg Real Estate Market News for Sellers Sitting on the Sidelines

More Winnipeg Real Estate Market News for Sellers Sitting on the Sidelines

We have to interrupt our regular schedule of articles about how to just say “no” to Realtors and the usual fun stuff, as there have been rumblings in the Canadian mortgage market that have implications for those of you sitting on an older home in Winnipeg. 

Of course, this all started in January when we reported that the Winnipeg real estate forecast for the year ahead demanded that owners of fixer-uppers unload their tired properties as soon as possible. Now we’re no prophets, but the prediction was dead-on, as here at the tail end of April the call to sell is louder than ever. Why? Because once again, the Bank of Canada held its benchmark interest rate steady, at 1.75 percent, for the third time in a row. OK, so what’s the big deal? 

When the economy is slow and shows little sign up speeding up, the Bank of Canada either reduces or keeps it’s rate steady as a means to stimulate spending, especially in the real estate sector. Whether the rate drops is kept on a flat course, both have an impact on mortgage rates. This happened at the start of 2019 when the Bank held the rate, with RBC, TD, and BMO dropping the 5-year fixed mortgage rate. This worked out very well for buyers, especially here in Winnipeg where the median value of homes hovers around $300,000, making buying a home here more affordable than any other major metropolis in Canada. Of course, this is not the greatest news for sellers who seek to get top dollar for their property as buyers now have a lot of choices. The news of course has even grander implications for owners of older, dare we say “run down” homes. Buyers in Winnipeg no longer need to consider a fixer-upper in order to enter the real estate market for the first time, as they can now afford the single detached dream they’ve held for so long.

Before we return to this week’s news, let’s look at something else that happened about three weeks ago. In the first week of April, the yield on 5-year government debt dipped to 1.45 percent, reaching the lowest level in two years. When the bond yield falls economic prospects lag and again, fixed mortgage rates drop. And they did. Other lenders followed the lead of RBC, TD, and BMO, and in order for some to be more competitive, dropped their rates even lower than the big banks’ 3.49 percent. Again, sellers furrowed their brows as buyer power got stronger.

So here we are staring down the barrel of May 2019, and the Bank of Canada shows its cards by keeping the rate flat, with zero indication of an increase this year. Not only is the 5-year fixed rate primed for buyers, those in favor of variable rate mortgages are pumped up too, as the announcement diminishes the timing and likelihood of any increase to the prime rate. 

Let’s also factor in the heavy residential development in Winnipeg in 2017, which is seeing fruition today, resulting in a surplus. Here buyers are, with the pick of the litter and lower fixed and variable rate mortgage options. What is a seller of an older home to do? Sit on it longer? Certainly not, because as mentioned above, economic prospects are holding steady.

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