Crazy Neighbors and Other Wild Reasons to Sell Your Home Now

Bad Neighbors Selling House

Crazy Neighbors and Other Wild Reasons to Sell Your Home Now

Validating reasons to sell your home now? Admittedly, that topic is pretty much what our entire blog is about. While we encourage you to comb through the archive (click here) and see what applies, some of you are facing pretty extreme circumstances. And while more rare than say, an asbestos problem, these wild scenarios deserve just as much attention. If any of the following apply to you, forget the cops, lawyers, NASA, ghost busters, and exorcists. Instead, call 5 Day Cash Offer. Keep reading (you know you want to).

5 Extreme But Legitimate Reasons to Sell Your Old House Right Away

1. Bad Neighbors

You’ve tried to get along with them, but all the peace offerings and calls for a truce have been to no avail. For whatever reason you butt heads with these buttheads and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You simply cannot live next to them any longer. Whether it’s the late night parties, persistent refusal to close the blinds to their bathroom (which faces your dining room table), or the fact that they’ve started a meth lab, it’s time to part ways.

2. Your House is Killing You

We don’t mean excessive mortgage payments, but actual things in your older home that may be literally killing you. These include excessive mold growth, asbestos, bad wiring, lead, radon and carbon monoxide. On their own the expense of renovating, retrofitting, and replacing (as applicable) to address them is heavy. When combined, it’s a mountain of financial stress. Click here to view more on how your house may be killing you, and why you need to sell right away.

3. It’s Haunted

Your friends and family may roll their eyes on this one, but we’ve seen it all, and can admit that sometimes there is simply something unexplainable going on in someone’s home. Whether a Realtor negrlected to disclose the fact that the house was built on an ancient burial ground, or bad spirits recently moved in thanks to gentrification in neighboring communities, you’re left living amongst the dead, and they won’t let you rest until whatever it is they want is addressed. Unless you’ve got Haley Joel Osment as a tenant, you’re probably out of luck. Sell.

4. Wildlife

What could be a more wild reason than wildlife taking up residence in your basement, attic, or even right there on the ground floor? And we’re not just talking about mice and small common pests that can make you feel petulant. You hear the stories from time to time, about bears, coyotes, deer, and dare we say wolves wandering all too frequently onto someone’s property, and from time to time right into their home. If local animal services isn’t budging and the problem in your rural community is becoming a concern for safety, it may be time to let the wildlife win and take back the land while you seek out the comforts of condo living in the city.

5. UFOs in Your Community

Think we’ve gone too far with this one? We thought so too at first, but according to a study by Ufology Research (yes, it’s a thing) approximately 1000 Canadians reported UFO sightings last year, with witnesses ranging from pilots to farmers. Now this number was actually down (by 15%) for the first time in 15 years, except for one place – Manitoba, which had an 3 percent increase in UFO sightings, while Winnipeg had the fifth most municipal UFO encounters. We don’t know about you, but it’s not worth the risk (probe). Time to hide the Reese’s Pieces and sell!

Take note that the scenarios above (maybe not UFOs) require seller disclosure to Realtors, agents, and buyers. When they hear it, they’re out. Who’s left? Us. We’ll buy your older home for cash today and at fair market value, even if the Blair Witch lives in the attic. Contact us today at 204.222.0022 for a friendly discussion.