Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Summer of 2019

Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Summer

Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Summer of 2019

We’re in the first official week of summer and while the season is typically characterized by a flurry of home buyers entering the market, owners of old homes will want to take note that now (especially here in 2019) is also the time to sell. This is even true if you have a rundown property that is of little to no interest to local buyers. Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why the Summer of 2019 is the Time to Finally Sell Your Old Winnipeg House

Massive Drops in Mortgage Rates Have Killed Your “Wait and See” Plan

In the spring, we reported on how the fall in the bond yield and Bank of Canada’s hold on the prime rate resulted in a drop in mortgage rates. The implications for owners of older homes were clear – the only way to sell in a market where buyers have the power, is to unload the property to a service such as ours. It’s the only hope of getting fair market value. But alas, some of you remained on the fence. We get it. However, that 3.49% low has dropped even further. As of today (June 2019) CBC reports seeing 5-year fixed rates dropping as low as 2.64 percent for qualified buyers, with even higher-risk borrowers benefiting from rates as low as 2.89 percent. It’s officially their market at the moment, and the trend is expected to continue. In fact, this two-year low in the fixed mortgage rate could soon hit record breaking numbers. 

This will not bode well for those of you hoping to sell an old house on the traditional market. A Realtor or agent won’t be able to do a thing to help you move your house in 2019 and beyond. The time to act is now. View more about how our service works or simply contact us as 204.222.0022 to learn more.

It’s Easier to Move in Winnipeg in the Summer

Have you ever tried moving in the thick of the winter, or even late autumn, in Winnipeg? It’s not only physically grueling, it can be more costly when using professional movers as a two hour job can turn into 10 in bad weather. The balmy summer season weather in Winnipeg however, is prime for relocations, as long as you have some mosquito repellant and a cooler full of bottled water or better (wink wink).

Of course, when attempting to sell an old house on MLS (if they allow it) you are at the mercy of the market and as you know, when it comes to rundown properties in a buyers’ market the chance of selling it in time to capitalize on the prime relocation season is slim to none. But when you sell with us, you can unload your property this week and can reap the benefits of moving into your new accommodations during the beautiful summer months in Winnipeg. Better yet, you don’t have to lift a finger to fix, renovate, or clean. We’ll take the property off of your hands at fair market value, as is. It’s that simple.

You Can Finally Enjoy the Endless Summer You Deserve

Has your old property (and the upkeep that comes with it) kept you from following your dream of chasing the proverbial (or literal in this case) endless summer? Don’t let a moulded picket fence shape your future any longer – sell and get cash in hand to finance the cross continent road trip or overseas disappearing act you’ve always dreamed of. Your beaten down property will finance your endless summer adventure with some smart planning. In fact, you can really throw the typical trappings of life for a curve by packing up to live life on the road in a travel trailer or RV. View more on how we can help make that happen. The best time to start this next chapter in your life, is now. 

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