How to Sell a House You Hate

How to Sell a House You Hate

How to Sell a House You Hate

There’s a very clear reason for why you’ve just plugged the expression “how to sell a house you hate” into the search bar on your computer or mobile device. Given that you detest the property, you have run out of patience and are looking to unload the home by any means necessary. The good news is that you’re off to the right start because we have the answer you’re looking for. Let’s not waste anymore time.

4 Steps to Quickly Selling an Old Home You Can’t Stand to Look at or Live In

1. DON’T Be Hasty

We know you want to sell fast but remember that desperation can lead you to wrong and uninformed decisions. When it comes to selling a home, that desperation often leads you to a scary place – in the hands of a Realtor or real estate agent. They can sniff desperation on you like an ambulance chaser does on a motor vehicle accident victim. They will swoop in and promise a quick sale as a means to score a quick commission and convince you that you need to sell the property well below market value. That means if (a big if) your listing doesn’t get buried in their MLS feed you may be taking on an unnecessary loss. Skip going the Realtor route in desperate times. Not convinced? View more on why you should avoid using a Realtor or agent for an older home. 

2. DON’T Attempt a Private Sale

Without a Realtor you may be thinking that a self-guided private sale is the way to go, and while this may be better than going with a guy/gal whose face on your local bus stop bench, it’s tricky too. This is partly because at the moment, the Winnipeg real estate market loves buyers. As the Bank of Canada holds the prime rate steady and bond yields fall, both fixed and variable mortgage rates are nearing record lows, and housing is extremely affordable all over the city.  Simply put, the current and projected Winnipeg real estate market does not favor your private sale goals at all. Buyers have the pick of the litter and unless the house you hate is highly attractive to them, you will have no luck selling in the private market.

3. DON’T Bother With Renovations and Repairs

There’s a surefire way to hate your rundown house even more – dump more money into the pit. Far too many homeowners think the answer lies within fixing a fixer-upper, but someone’s been lying to them (you). When spending on renovations, repairs, and retrofitting you not only part with money that may be better invested elsewhere, you extend the amount of time that your stuck with the property. And six months to a year down the road, there is absolutely no guarantee that the upgrades will make a difference, especially if the location is a problem. Resources will be better spent looking forward towards a home, condo, or other living arrangement that will actually make you happy.

4. DO Seek Out a Home Buyer Service

We’ve told you what NOT to do in order to sell your run down house, so now we get to the one piece of advice you can take immediate action on. Sell your detestable house today to a local home buyer service. The concept is so simple (view how it works here) that for the first time in a long time you’ll associate happiness with the house own. That’s because you can turn that house into cold hard cash within the week (this week!) and for an amount that echoes fair market value. 5 Day Cash Offer will commit to buying the house and you won’t have to fix, paint, or tidy up a thing. But to make that happen, you need to call us at 204.222.0022