4 Myths About “Cash for Homes” Legitimacy Dispelled

Are Cash for Homes Legit or Scams

4 Myths About “Cash for Homes” Legitimacy Dispelled

There are some Realtors, real estate agents, and disgruntled (from who knows what) busybodies who have perpetuated unfounded myths and misconceptions about “cash for homes” services. They slander those who seek to relieve the ails of homeowners stuck in a rut for their own gain. Enough already. 

Sure, there are bad service providers in any industry, but vilifying an industry itself is an uneducated means to a self-serving end. Today, we’re going to tackle these fables head-on to let sellers of older and/or rundown properties know that they have better options.

Undeniable Rebuttal to the Four Common Misconceptions About Cash for Houses Services

MYTH 1: They Take Advantage of Desperate Property Owners

Quite the contrary. A reputable service actually pays fair market value for a property, one that looks beyond disrepair and instead considers its potential based on “good bones” along with the location, community, infrastructure, local economy, and real estate trends.

MYTH 2. They Don’t Actually Mean “Any” Condition

We suppose this may be true of some “cash for houses” services, but for a well-regarded service such as ours, we mean it when we state that we’ll take your home in any condition. Pest infestation, water damage, bad insulation, and even ghosts won’t keep us from helping you out. Excuse the cliche but we see the forest for the trees and look beyond the work that needs to be done to bring the home back to its former glory, or even better (more on this in item #4 below).

MYTH 3. There Are Hidden Fees

With the above two myths dispelled, there must be a hidden fee, right? We understand that you feel this way, especially when such a thing is so common with Realtors, agents, and traditional real estate agencies. But the fact is, our cash offer for your house comes with no strings attached. There are no commissions, costs, or fees to get involved. It’s the most pure and straight forward real estate transaction you will ever experience. Cash for keys – that’s it!

MYTH 4. They Flip the Property Right Away for More

With no hidden fees it’s logical to assume that money must be made another way, right? This isn’t some non-profit public service after all. The myth here though, is that the “cash for homes” service already has a buyer locked and loaded, and will buy your home and immediately sell it at a profit. This isn’t the case. Instead, a reputable service will buy the home in any condition for fair market value and proceed to invest a very significant amount into repairs, renovations, retrofits, design, and landscaping to give the rundown property a new life on the real estate market. This process provides a fair and immediate financial solution for you, while the investment and ultimate risk (regarding future sale) is taken on by the “cash for homes” service itself.

We know that it may all sound too good to be true, but this is the one case where it’s not. The process works for all parties involved and offers a lucrative resolution for your real estate woes. That said, we know you still have questions so please feel free to reach out for a friendly noncommittal conversation about your Winnipeg property. Call us at 204.222.0022 today.