When Halloween Tells You It’s Time to Sell Your House

Selling Your Home Halloween

When Halloween Tells You It’s Time to Sell Your House

All Hallows Eve is upon us and it marks a telling time of the year for owners of old and run down properties in the Greater Winnipeg area. Cruelly, it can let you know how others see the house in case you weren’t yet ready to come to terms with the cold hard facts. Unsure of what we mean? Keep reading.

3 Things That Can Happen on Halloween That Let You Know It’s Time to Sell Your Old Home

It’s Become the Local Haunted House Attraction (and you didn’t even decorate)

Are people stopping outside of your gates on the days leading up to October 31st, taking photos or even peering curiously through the windows? Are kids being dared by their friends to approach the property only to retreat just steps away from the stairs? Or worse, are tour buses passing by with patrons pointing in the direction of your home? Is any of this happening when you didn’t even decorate for the season?

Yep, it happens all of the time. When a house becomes old and darn near dilapidated it becomes known as the local haunted house. Time to sell, unless of course you can make a few bucks by charging admission.

It Gets Tricks Even If You Have Treats

Fixer-uppers are often hot targets for tricksters on Halloween. Costumed kids and teens with mischievous intent will zero in on your property even if you are giving out candy. On the surface they assume that the property is vacant (because as they see it – who could possibly live there?) or they figure there will be no consequences to decorating (with toilet paper, etc.) or outright vandalizing a property that’s all ready worse for wear. Stop being the brunt of tricks each Halloween and sell.

Kids (nor Parents) Won’t Come to the Front Door 

Forget Regal Rockets, rock-hard Tootsie Rolls, and contemptuous black licorice – you’re ready with a big bowl of the best chocolates around for Halloween. You’ve decorated the lawn and stoop to the tee, and turned the lights on for all to see, yet when the eve arrives nary a soul walks ups to knock on your door. What gives? If this is happening while your neighbors still get visits from the neighborhood kids then you know that it’s your property that’s scaring them away. We hope you have an appetite because you’ll have to wolf down the leftover candy on your own before it expires. And once again, Halloween has let you know that it’s time to sell.

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