Challenges of Selling a House in the Winter (in Winnipeg)

Challenges of Selling a House in the Winter (in Winnipeg)

Challenges of Selling a House in the Winter (in Winnipeg)

Here are the hard facts. You have to sell an old house fast but it’s winter time. Worse yet, it’s winter in Winnipeg. Do you have a reasonable shot at unloading the property before the season is over, much less the fiscal end of the annum? We can’t lie, this time of the year presents the ultimate challenge when it comes to fixer uppers but all hope is not lost. Keep reading.

3 Reasons Why Selling an Old Home at Winter Time in Winnipeg is Hard and One Solution That Works Fast

Most Buyers Wait Out the Season

Winter is notorious for a slowdown in buyer activity, especially in regions where climate changes significantly. For one, who wants to go through the moving process with black ice on the road and two feet of snow leading up to the entrance a recently purchased home? Plus, in the early winter Holiday season is in full swing and people are preoccupied with all that comes with the festive time of the year – tight finances included. On that note, with the fiscal year coming to a close many people take a “wait and see” stance to find out if they are either going to take big hit OR score a refund that delivers contribution to a downpayment. Either scenario has them waiting until the season is about over. With fewer buyers in the market, you will have a hard time selling a home that is already not in high demand.

Inventory Favors Existing Buyers

Given the fact that there are fewer buyers, the inventory of homes on the market is greater in the winter. That means buyers who are looking to purchase a home have their pick of the litter. Do they really want to consider your old fixer upper when they have options? This concern is compounded by the fact that other sellers are accepting offers below their asking price (given the lack of seasonal demand) and are also giving up concessions (covering closing costs and throwing in furnishing, etc.) to attract buyers. All of a sudden your old property looks a lot worse for wear when compared to what else is being offered to them.

Old Homes Show Their True Colors in Winter

Admittedly, winter can actually improve curb appeal of an old home when snow piles high enough to cover up chipped paint, terrible trim, crumbling roofing, and cracks around the exterior foundation. Too bad people don’t buy homes based on what they see on the outside, right? Once prospective buyers step inside of a Winnipeg home in the winter they quickly learn everything they need to know. If your insulation and HVAC system (including furnace and/or hot water heater) is inadequate or in disrepair they will feel it fast as they walk from room to room. They will notice slight breezes to indicate fractures around trim and baseboards, catch notes of water damage as the snow from outside ingresses within, and will test faucets and feel exposed pipes to see if frozen plumping is a concern. Everything wrong with your old home is made exponentially more evident in the winter.

SOLUTION – Get Cash Today With Our Quick Sale Service

Kick Jack Frost to the curb because despite all of the above you do have a very viable option for selling your old house in the thick of a Winnipeg winter. 5 Day Cash Offer will pay fair market value and give you cash today no matter the condition of your house. View more about how the proven system works or simply call us at 204.222.0022 at your earliest convenience for a friendly conversation.