How to Sell a Fixer Upper House Without Fixing It Up

How to Sell a Fixer Upper House Winnipeg

How to Sell a Fixer Upper House Without Fixing It Up

So you’re stuck with a fixer-upper. Whether recently inherited or you bought the house awhile back and the years have not been kind, the end result is the same – you need to sell. But can you unload the property in its current state without investing and risking financial waste? Today we’re going to look at your options along with some hard-hitting truths, but more importantly a practical solution.

3 Things to Comes to Terms With When Selling a Fixer Upper Home (and a More Realistic Solution)

Stop Waiting for HGTV to Come Knocking

Cease watching HGTV today. Shows like Hidden Potential, House Hunters Renovation, Worst to First, Fixer to Fabulous, and the most aptly named Fixer Upper have you living with false hope. The wheels start turning in your head that with the right expert you can turn your dud into a dream. But unless HGTV network scouts have handpicked your Winnipeg property and will pony up to cover the cost for great ratings your renovation will probably cost more that you ever imagined. Country Living reports that the minimum renovation budget for a small fixer upper is $30K USD. That’s nearly $40K CAD! Take note that this is the budget, and not the average end cost, which often becomes higher as unanticipated issues arise when drywall comes down to expose bad insulation, dangerous wiring, fractured piping, mould, and more. Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that a renovation simply doesn’t make sense for your given situation you can move on in a more realistic direction.

Most Options Are Not Options At All

People (friends, family, coworkers, Starbucks barista, etc.) will tell you that have three options to consider. You can try your hand with a Realtor or agent, a local real estate auction, or take on the burden of a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) situation. We have already provided a detailed guide as to what these three options are not actually options at all when it comes to selling a fixer upper. Click here and read the brief article to see why the conclusion for all three of these routes will either leave you stuck with the house, or suffering a loss from a sale that was far below fair market value.

Quick Sale Services Actually Work

Remember those friends, family members, coworkers, and baristas that we mentioned above? They either neglected to tell you about the benefits of quick sale services, or joined in to perpetuate the myths which have been spearheaded by commission-hungry Realtors and agents. Well, those myths have all been dispelled (view the results here) and all over Winnipeg past owners of old and rundown homes are now singing the praises of the only practical option to unloading a fixer upper. The fortunate (for you) fact is that you can sell your property for cash today no matter the state of disrepair. But it all comes down to choosing the right quick sale service. View more about how 5 Day Cash Offer will elevate you out of a bad situation or simply call us at 204.222.0022 at your earliest convenience for a friendly conversation.