Old Winnipeg Home Break Ins – Is Selling Your Best Defense?

Winnipeg Home Break Ins

Old Winnipeg Home Break Ins – Is Selling Your Best Defense?

Stats Canada shows that property crime is up significantly in Winnipeg, with residential break-ins remaining to be a significant concern. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not upscale homes being targeted because that’s a surefire way for criminals to end up in the clink. Instead, it’s owners of older and rundown properties that need to be more mindful. But most preventative measures come with a significant price tag, often making the investment in “security” far greater than what many can afford. Instead, your best defense against the threat may be to finally cut ties with your burdensome property and sell right away. But first, let’s review.

Why Owners of Older and Rundown Homes in Winnipeg Are at a Greater Risk of Break-Ins and Why Selling May Be the Only Option

Easier Entry

Decades old properties that have not received annual TLC may (or may not) have “strong bones” but the antiquated construction of doors, windows, and other entryways can easily be compromised. All it takes is a firm kick to a door or hard jolt to a window for hinges and bolts to give way and allow nefarious entry. Unless you can afford a top to bottom retrofitting for all points of entry your home, your possessions, and you (most importantly) remain at risk.

A Guarantee of No Security System

A car thief passing by a 1971 Ford Pinto will know right away that there is no car alarm, and feel free to slim jim the door open for a joyride. A new Nissan (etc.) on the other hand, may give them pause as they rightly assume that an alarm system is installed. This is analogous to an old vs new home gauge for burglars. The mere existence of a fixer-upper lets them know that no alarm will sound as soon as they break a window or push-in a door. Again, it’s not like you’re going to invest in a high-tech alarm system for your old property, so it remains at risk.

Old Properties Less Likely to Draw Attention

Medium to upper-level income residential communities remain on high-alert for break-ins at all times. Neighbors are watching and local PD has a fast response rate to these communities. Their local municipalities ensure that street lights are always working, and homeowners themselves invest in house exterior and landscape lighting to create an illuminated scene through the wee hours of the night. All of this makes these residential communities highly visible and far less welcoming to burglars. 

Neighborhoods characterized by older and rundown properties on the other hand, do not enjoy the same security blanket. Instead, they go unnoticed by most, with exception of those that intend to break and enter. 

Older Homes More Likely to Be Brunt of Property Damage Attacks Too

Not all malicious intenders are planning to burglarize your old house. Some have no plans at all, but when passing by after a few too many hours and beers at the local pub (or park) a home in disrepair makes for a prime candidate for vandalism and destruction of property. They know a rock through a window, kicked-in fence, or stolen lawn furniture will more than likely go unpunished when compared to that of newer model homes in “desirable” communities. 

In the past, there was only one way to rectify all of the above – a major renovation with aesthetic and functioning upgrades needed to prevent a break-in. But that comes with very significant expense. The only option, is to move. But given the state of disrepair you cannot sell the property and get the funds required to make that happen. Until now. 5 Day Cash Offer will buy your at-risk property for fair market value, for cash, and get you the money within the week of your first phone call to us. Think of us as your longterm crime-stoppers solution. Call 204.222.0022 for a friendly conversation and to find out what we can do for you.