How to Make Selling Your Old House Less Stressful

How to Make Selling Your House Less Stressful

How to Make Selling Your Old House Less Stressful

No matter the motivation, selling your old home is typically a stressful experience. It would be nice if you could throw it up on Craigslist or Kijiji to witness offers for fair market value pour in. But it doesn’t work like that – trust us – we’ve seen people try. But as it turns out, selling your property does not have to induce sleepless nights, lack of concentration, and other symptoms of anxiety. By following the steps below you’ll be on the path to a zen-like sale.

4 Ways to Reduce the Stress and Anxiety of Selling Your Old Home

Don’t Bother Renovating

Many experts (including HGTV) will tell you that you need to renovate or repair in order to sell an older or fixer-upper home. But this is one of the greatest precursors to stress, as it requires an additional financial investment that you may not have, and significantly extends the time to completed sale. 

We know what you’re thinking – how can you possibly sell an old home without undertaking renovations or repairs? If your property is in the greater Winnipeg area, you have the answer to that question. We see the forest for the trees, and will buy your home for fair market value without requiring you to hammer a nail, replace a shingle, or oil a squeaky hinge.

Don’t Bother Cleaning

OK, so you don’t have to renovate – which takes some stress off of your table. However, you still have to clean the home from top to bottom, right? That in itself has you rushing to fill a CBD prescription. Scrubbing, scouring, and cleaning an old house in an attempt to make it spotless for sale can take weeks to accomplish, especially when you only have an hour to two per day between work (etc) to get it done. You know what – don’t sweat it. All you need to do is pack up and relocate your possessions and we’ll make care of the rest. We don’t care about dirty carpets, scuffed walls, and rings around the drain – we will buy the home for fair market value even if it looks like Pig-Pen squats there.

Cut Out the Middleman

Realtors and real estate firm reps (middle-persons) demand that you renovate and clean. From the get-go they are a stress agent. They also come with commissions and hidden fees, yet don’t give your old property a priority listing. It gets buried in their MLS feed, if they accept to take on your listing at all. When the latter occurs, your house will sit on the market for much longer than you ever anticipated, which adds to your anxiety and aggravation. Click here to view more on why you should opt out of the Realtor route when you need to sell a home without stress.

Get It Over With Fast

Everything above leaves your home on the market for quite a long time. The longer it’s stuck on the market, the greater your stress. Anxiety and loss of patience go hand in hand so to remove the former you need to prevent the latter. That means you need to get the home sale process done immediately. The only way to make that happen, is to use a quick sale service. The good news for Winnipeg homeowners, is that you have already found one. We negate the need for all of the above and remove pesky red tape from the equation. All you need to do is call us at 204.222.0022 for a friendly conversation. If you like what you hear (including an offer for fair market value) you will be able to sell your home within the week, for cash. That’s the quickest path to a stress-free home sale.