Is Your House Making You Sick?

Is Your House Making You Sick

Is Your House Making You Sick?

Boosting your immune system in 2020 is more important than ever before. While eating right, taking health supplements, and frequent exercise is a great way to enhance your immunity, one of the biggest threats to a comprised immune system may be your house. Unfortunately the issues may not be resolved without taking on considerable expense for renovations, retrofitting, and repair, which leaves you with little resource. But before we get to the solution, let’s look at what may be threatening your immunity and overall health.

5 Reasons Why Your Old Home May Be Hurting Your Immune System and What You Can Do About It 

1. Mold’s Direct Impact on Your Respiratory Health (and Immunity?)

Old homes are riddled with current and prior water damage that has left moisture and subsequent mold/mildew growth throughout. This directly threatens your respiratory health, which as you now know – is critical to getting through the current global health crisis. Even more concerning, is that recent data shows that mold itself may weaken your immune system. Since infectious diseases from molds may occur in occupants with already weakened immune systems, a compounding effect occurs.

2. Asbestos Can Cause a Decline in Immunity 

The asbestos found in old homes is well known as an agent of fatal diseases, but studies also show that it can cause alteration of immunocompetent cells, which may result in a decline of tumor immunity in addition to dysregulation of the immune system. Click here for insight into these studies.

3. Lead Has Toxic Effects on the Immune System

Lead is heavy metal that is not only uncovered in the piping systems of old homes, it still used in some property constructs. It is also known as a slow killer that also comprises the immune system. Numerous studies have found that persistent exposure to lead in a household environment is associated to toxic effects on the immune system. As a result, occupants have an increased risk of catching infectious diseases and viruses.

4. Carbon Monoxide May Lead to Harmful Over-activation of Immune Cells

It’s bad enough that Carbon Monoxide poisoning (a common concern in older houses) can cause everything from shortness of breath to death. A study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (click here) now finds that it can trigger over-activation of immune cells that attack proteins that help insulate nerves.

5. Stress Directly Reduces Your Immune System

It’s also a well known fact that stress compromises your immunity to various diseases. Anxiety triggers the stress hormone corticosteroid which suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. When you’re stressed out about living within, maintaining, and not being able to sell your run down property, you end up becoming more susceptible to dangerous viruses and the like. If you’re facing a foreclosure (click here), that stress increases exponentially.

What You Need to Do ASAP

If any (or all!?) of the above is evident in your older home it’s abundantly clear that you need to vacate and sell it as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you have an option that will provide fair market value and deliver cash in hand within the week of our first meeting to look at your property. Better yet, you don’t have to renovate, fix, or clean a thing. All you need is to escape that health hazard, but first pick up the phone and call us today at 204.222.0022. We will come to your rescue.