Turn Home Into Cash – A Lifeline Amidst COVID 19

Turn Home Into Cash - A Lifeline Amidst COVID 19

Turn Home Into Cash – A Lifeline Amidst COVID 19

There is a lot of uncertainty amidst the COVID 19 health crisis, but one is undeniable – the government response has led to economic collapse. No matter where you land on the debate about when to reverse the sweeping lockdown of “non essential” businesses, you need cash and you don’t have time to wait until you can get back to earning income. For some of you there is very little recourse. No credit? Nowhere to get a loan? No well-to-do family members? Government assistance not delivering enough or on time? For mortgage holders it’s no longer about avoiding foreclosure, but about having enough funds on hand to live while waiting out the storm. And even when this all passes (it will!) the economic impact will reverberate for months if not years. 

While this all sounds very dire, you do have an opportunity to shake off the shackles of owning an old home that no longer makes sense in the current economic climate. You have a chance to take power away from lenders and/or property tax collectors (as applicable). Nor do you need to be at the mercy of Realtors and real estate agents who will pay older properties no mind during this tumultuous time. What’s the solution for Winnipeg homeowners who are stuck in a bind? Let’s find out.

3 Reasons 5 Day Cash Offer Provides Winnipeg Homeowners With the Best Option for Turning Their Homes Into Cash to Get Through COVID 19

We Don’t Make You Wait to Get Cash in Hand

The feds can make promises all day long, but in the end very few Winnipeg residents in need have actually received the funds they require to get through this mess. And when it finally arrives (weeks, or months longer than expected) it’s not enough to maintain the same (or even close) quality of life one held before panic froze the economy. Here’s one promise you can trust. We will give you cash in hand within the week of our agreement to purchase your property at fair market value. We’ve cut all red tape to make sure you have immediate access to the emergency funds you need – no strings attached. 

We Don’t Need You to Repair a Single Thing

You’ve got enough on your plate. The last thing you need to worry about is fixing up a fixer-upper. Doing so costs valuable time and money. You need to focus on the next phase of your life, evolving to ensure your household not only financially survives, but thrives in the months and years ahead. We don’t need you to oil a hinge, paint a wall, remove a stain, mow the lawn, or even get rid of those pesky rodents beneath the floorboards. That becomes our job once you’ve freed up the keys and moved on to greener pastures. Better yet, we don’t “ding” you for leaving the home unclean or in disrepair. Again, we pay fair market value based on the good bones of your old home, seeing the forest for the trees.

We Value Your Safety and Comfort

We respect the governmental call for enhanced health, safety, and social distancing measures. Most of all – we respect yours! Our staff boasts a clean bill of health and will ensure that when we visit your property that social distancing is maintained and that we abide by sanitary standards. Beyond those measures, we provide for your comfort in other ways. Unlike other “quick home sale” services around Winnipeg, we apply no aggressive sales tactics. We respect the fact that even though you contacted us, you may still be unsure about selling your property. We get it – it’s an uncertain time and you may need to take your time to deliberate. We’re more than happy to start with a friendly noncommittal conversation. We’re here around the clock to respond to your questions and will make sure that no agreement is made until you’re 100% conformable with moving forward. Allow us to put the proof in the pudding – all you need to do is call us at 204.222.0022.