Foreclosure Alternative Amidst the Economic Shutdown

Foreclosure Alternative Winnipeg

Foreclosure Alternative Amidst the Economic Shutdown

The government response to the COVID 19 health crisis has led to a complete and udder shutdown of the Canadian economy. This is true for Manitoba, even though the province has fared much better off than most of the country, with plans to reopen the economy currently under works. However, it’s too little to late for many local homeowners, some of which are staring down the barrel of a foreclosure. Sure, the government has stated that there shall be strict limits of new foreclosures until the pandemic panic has passed, but this move is nothing but a deferral. Those facing foreclosure may be able to buy themselves a few more months, but in the end it delays the inevitable. That said, you don’t need to go quietly into night. Instead, you can turn an unfortunate situation into one that puts the power, and cash, back in your hands.

Why You Should Take the Power Away from Creditors by Getting Cash for Your Home Today (While Avoiding Foreclosure)

Deferring Only Hurts YOU

The government’s intended act of altruism to defer foreclosures and evictions during the very same shutdown that they enacted may buy you time, but does waiting three months or so really help? If you’re in an impending foreclosure scenario there’s not much procrastinating can do. Plus, do you really want to deal with foreclosure proceedings and having to find a new place to live when the summer is winding down? Certainly not. By selling at fair market value for cash today you do yourself a favor, instead of letting puppeteers (lenders/creditors) think that they are the ones helping you out.

Lenders Will Likely Intervene With a Mortgage Sale Unless You Act First

Did you know that lenders will typically pursue a mortgage sale when they sniff out your impending foreclosure? in Manitoba, they can do so without Court action under the The Real Property Act. All they need to do is wait until you fail to make a mortgage payment (or other in breach of mortgage terms) with a default that lasts at least one month or longer. From there they may move forward with a mortgage sale. If you’re facing foreclosure proceedings this event may be a day a way – don’t put yourself at the mercy of the system. Instead, act first and on your terms by selling your house for cash. Don’t worry, we act fast. Within one week of our mutual agreement you will be paid in full for your home, and at fair market value.

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2020 has been a relative disaster for many Manitobans. In response, our quick home sale service has been able to provide a lifeline for those seeking to turn their primary asset (their house) into cash so that they can weather the COVID 19 fallout. The same goes for those of you faced with a foreclosure, even if it has been put off for a month or two longer. In the end, we’re here to put the power back where it belongs – into the lifeblood of our local communities. Exercise your right to make your own decision, which begins today with a simple phone call. We are more than happy to start with nothing more than a friendly conversation. We will take the time to respond to your questions and concerns, if you have them. The next step is yours. Call us today at 204.222.0022 to chat.