Too Much Yard Work? 4 Reasons to Sell

Too Much Yard Work Winnipeg

Too Much Yard Work? 4 Reasons to Sell

While your old house may be in reasonable shape and require minimal upkeep, there is another major issue that plagues homeowners – yard work. We’re not just talking about having to mow the lawn once a week. For some, the workload and subsequent cost is simply too much to bear. This is especially true for those of advanced age, those with physical challenges, and/or those with limited income. That said, out of control landscaping can be bothersome to all. If any of the following sounds familiar it may be time to sell, and fast. 

Four Problems Excessive Growth in the Yard Can Create for Winnipeg Area Homeowners

The Landscape is Endangering the Health of Your Home

Out of control growth of trees and bushes isn’t just an eyesore, it can directly lead to damage to your home if it goes unchecked. They can compromise your gutter and downspout systems and roofing material which can eventually lead to exterior and interior water damage after heavy bouts of rain and snowmelt. Overgrowth can also comprise exposed electrical wiring and create a dangerous fire-susceptible environment for occupants. These issues not only impact the market value of your home, but your health as well. Keep reading.

The Landscape is a Bother to Your Health

In the spring and summer landscape overgrowth in the front and back yard can present a nightmare for allergy sufferers. With respiratory health at the forefront all steps must be taken to remove threats from one’s household environment. However, having to manage it weekly on your own is impossible if you’re sensitive to varying forms of tree and flora pollen. This pollen also penetrates the small cracks and fissures around the foundation and trim of your house – which means even closed windows and doors won’t help. Given that upkeep is a tremendous burden selling is definitely in your best interests. 

In addition, as mentioned above overgrowth can also damage in the exterior and interior of your home by inviting in moisture which can lead to the growth of mold. Mold has a direct and negative impact on respiratory health which further compounds the concern.

Lastly, having to manage excessive yard work on your own takes its toll on your emotional well being – inviting in stress and anxiety with every new leaf, weed, and branch. Cut ties with your property and sell.

It Attracts Unwelcome Pests

Overgrowth also invites in a large number and species of pests. We’re talking everything from mosquitoes and mice to raccoons and rats. These critters can harm your exterior and interior property and even threaten pets and household occupants. If you don’t have the physical ability or financial resources to upkeep your landscape then again – your only recourse is to sell.

Your Spending More to Manage Your Yard Than Your Home

This connects to everything that we have mentioned above. To prevent these landscaping concerns from coming to life, you need to invest monthly in yard work. If you’re spending upwards of hundreds of dollars per month, or require the same financial allocation to protect your property from overgrowth, and simply can’t afford it – it’s time to sell. 

Now we know what you’re thinking. If your property exterior looks anything like the featured image at the beginning of this article it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to increase the curb appeal and make it presentable for selling. This is absolutely true IF you are selling with a Realtor or real estate agency. However, given that you need to sell because you can’t afford yard maintenance you most likely don’t want to dump cash into making the sale happen. 

That’s where we come in. Not only do we not care about the condition of your home, we don’t care if your surrounding landscape looks more like an Amazon jungle than a front yard. We will still pay fair market value and get you cash within the week so you can leave the eyesore in your rear view mirror. From there, you can move to a condo or other place without concern from branches, brush, shrubs, and weeds. Contact us today at 204.222.0022 to discuss what we can do for you.