12 Reasons to Get Rid of Your House TODAY (and how we will help)

Get Rid of Your House Winnipeg Canada

12 Reasons to Get Rid of Your House TODAY (and how we will help)

You’ve been on the fence about getting rid of your house for a long time and you need that final push in the right direction. There are a number of reasons to do so (we’ve listed them below) but for some time is of essence more than for others. If you find that more than one of these reasons apply to your circumstance then not only do you need to sell – you need to act now and sell today. Let’s find out where you stand.

12 Reasons Why You Should Kick Your Old House to the Curb Immediately

1. You’re Facing Foreclosure

Are you staring down the barrel of a foreclosure? There is nothing quite as financially and emotionally ruining as having the bank swoop in and take away your property. To keep this from happening you need to take action before lenders do. Learn more about how to avoid a foreclosure (click here) by selling your home for fair market value within the next few days.

2. Mortgage Rates Are Plummeting 

The world economy is in absolute turmoil and Canada’s is no different. In response, mortgage rates in the country are plummeting. Recent real estate market news reports (click here) that 5-year fixed mortgage rates have dropped to record lows and variable rates aren’t much further behind. Factor in the fact that home prices in Winnipeg are among the lowest in Canada and you have the perfect recipe to boost buyer purchasing power. With a healthy inventory these buyers also have their pick of the litter. Holding on to an old and undesirable property any longer will simply result in further devaluation. Get rid of it today.

3. Too Much Upkeep Needed in the Front/Back Yard

Does it feel like you’re living in a forest, with grass, shrub, and branch growth becoming too much to deal with? It can take a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain property landscaping, especially in rural areas with larger yards. Click here to find out how much is too much when it comes to yard work – another indicator that it’s time to sell.

4. Too Much House Interior and Exterior Maintenance Required

Owning an old home can be a major pain when it comes to the amount of work and financial investment required to keep the interior and exterior in a livable condition. This is especially true in Winnipeg where harsh autumn and winter weather can tax a home worse than the government. In some cases the house will have reached the point of no return (find out) at which point there is no other choice but to get rid of it with the one buyer than will take it off of your hands for fair market value. That’s us!

5. You’d Rather Rent

Homeownership is not always the dream experience you thought it would be. A lot of people can do without the excessive maintenance and property taxes that accompany owning a home, and are more suited to a rental situation. This is especially true of freedom-seeking retirees. Click here to learn more. 

6. Your House is Unhealthy

Mold, asbestos, lead, and carbon monoxide are all dangers lurking within and around the walls of older properties in the greater Winnipeg area. Living among them can directly threaten your health. Click here to assess your threat level and take immediate steps to get out.

7. Crime Has Taken Over Your Community

Another direct threat to your personal safety and possessions is found when crime enters and spreads amongst the neighborhood your home is found in. It’s unfortunate that you have to abandon your house because of it, but unless your cousin is the Chief of Police and willing to park a patrol in front of your abode you have little other recourse than to sell. Click here to learn why selling may be your best defense against break-ins and crime.

8. You Got Ripped-Off and Bought a Money Pit

There’s another type of crime that demands you get rid of the property. Non-disclosure that resulted in your purchase of a proverbial money pit (view more). Whether you bought the property at a private auction or off of Craigslist (etc.) you will have little to no recourse as you have accepted buyer’s risk. There’s no need to waste another moment trying to get your money back from the seller. Just sell it right here.

9. Bad Neighbors 

Even if you’re sitting on a somewhat desirable property, living next to terrible neighbors can make life unbearable. If Realtors/agents are able to notice (i.e. there’s a refrigerator on the front lawn) you won’t even be able to list the property. You can still get rid of the house for a fair value, mind you – just click here to do it.

10. Wildlife and Pest Problems

This is a big issue for homes located on or near rural Winnipeg areas. Insects and rodents are enough to drive anyone from their property, but the presence of coyotes and other carnivores can also threaten the safety of your pets and even small children. Get out of there!

11. The Unknown and Unexplained

Don’t laugh – but there are unexplainable occurrences that can send homeowners running for the hills. Every year in Winnipeg (and around the country) there are reports of hauntings and other strange occurrences that make a home unlivable. If you’re experiencing something from the realm of the unknown, start packing and start selling. Click here for more on these strange phenomenon.

12. Your Children/Dependents Run the Risk of Inheriting Your Problem Home

If your house is problematic (as per the items above) and you have children or other dependants who will eventually inherit the undesirable property – do them a big favor and get rid of it. The last thing you want to do is burden then with all of the issues (click here) that come from inheriting a run down house.

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