About Us

Need a Fast Cash Offer for Your Winnipeg Home?

5 Day Cash Offer is the resource Winnipeg residents and homeowners have been waiting for. We provide a real solution to those who need to turn their home into cash today, not with an equity loan, but with an actual sale, without delay, hassle, hidden fees or commissions, and without any pressure whatsoever.

We are not Realtors or real estate agents. We are an independent group who is here to help.

The 5 Day Cash Offer Team - Members of Your Winnipeg Community

We’re not some faceless corporation, nor an international conglomerate looking to take advantage of an unfortunate situation. The team is comprised of Winnipeg professionals with a background in local real estate, construction, and home design.

We pay market value, making an honest transaction so that you can put your money to better use, while we give your old property, no matter the condition, a second life. When you sell your house to Corey Vlaming and his team, you not only make money, you give back to the community as we renovate, repair, or restore your property to make it fit for future homeowners and families from within Manitoba. That’s the difference between 5 Day Cash Offer and the others looking to pay cash for your house in Winnipeg.

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