Selling a House Without a REALTOR


Many of you are concerned about using the services of a REALTOR or real estate agent. For some, the trepidation comes from the prospect of losing hundreds or thousands of dollars in commissions and fees. Others may be on the fence because they don’t own a perfect “white picket fence” property and are afraid an agent won’t list their older home. There are numerous reasons why you (and many others) are opting out of the traditional method of selling a house, including (but not exclusive to) the following:

  • You don’t want to lose money to commissions and hidden fees.
  • You don’t want to be pressured into renovating, giving up concessions, or accepting much less than market value.
  • You (or someone you know) has had a bad experience with REALTORS and agents in the past.
  • You’re embarrassed about the condition of your house and surrounding property.
  • Your home is located in an undesirable community.
  • You prefer a private sale (i.e. no publicity)
  • You need to sell your house fast.

Alternative to REALTOR or Real Estate Agent

It’s fair to say that most home sellers would not use a REALTOR or agent if they felt they didn’t have to. However very few realize that there is a viable alternative here in Winnipeg Manitoba. This lack of knowledge is why they thrive, but when you find out that there is a better way, you are empowered.

Instead of dealing with a REALTOR, you can sell your home today, for cash. That’s right, no listings, no marketing, no negotiating with buyers’ agents, no fees, and perhaps best of all, no delay!

Benefits of Not Using a REALTOR or Real Estate Agent

When you sell your Winnipeg house to 5 Day Cash Offer, you will enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • Get fair market value for your single detached home.
  • Pay no commissions or hidden fees.
  • Get paid in cash.
  • Sell your home in one week (or sooner!).
  • No need to renovate or repair house or property.
  • No worries about the age, condition, or location of your house.
  • No excessive paper work.
  • No middleman to deal with.
  • No pressure.

Good luck getting all of that with a REALTOR or real estate agent. It simply won’t happen. But with 5 Day Cash Offer, the world is yours!